About Us

Hello! My name is Olha and I am crochet lady.

I crochet always and everywhere. this is my hobby, my business, my life, my creativity, my inspiration. Since I picked up my first yarn mink and tied my first bag, I do not rest. In my head there are a million ideas and new models of my products. 

Sometimes my hands do not keep up with my thoughts. But, I drive them.

I will always give preference to the soft and plump hank of Peruvian alpacas than to a new pair of shoes. And my husband and child have long resigned themselves to skeins, tangles and a spool and yarn throughout our house.

My products are not only beautiful bags, summer hats, slippers and patterns. It is a bright energy and love, a part of my soul. take care of her and my knitted work will bring you luck and happiness. 

With love, your Olha Bilyk.