❤️ Eat, pray, love, KNITTING ... Or, a little about me❤️

Eat less when you knit ... Pray to make all the orders in time ... Love your products and harmful customers ... Knit with love for each eyelet!

My name is Olya Bilyk and I came to meet you .... It will be interesting for newcomers, but it will be interesting for old-timers too!

✅ I knit since childhood, and I have been creating crochet things for sale for 5 years now.

✅ @ilovecreate_school knitting school will be almost 3 years old this winter

✅ I tried myself in many knitting projects ... I don’t know, but for some reason, the closest bags were to me (there were sweaters, cardigans, hats, baskets, carpets, and toys) .... If you look through @i_love_create to the very beginning, you can even laugh a little

✅More than 40 remote videos and PDFs You can find paid and free master classes on this site, as well as on the Instagram page

✅ I never withhold information in my MK, I show and tell all the most important points in great detail .... And if it’s not clear, I’m always in touch with you

✅ In addition to the video MK, I sometimes conduct live lessons in Kiev, in Shikimiki Studio

✅ I have a store on Etsy ... And if you live somewhere far away, even on the other side of the world, you can buy through this store all the necessary materials for knitting and macramé


And now attention ⚠, a few secrets about me without knitting:

  • There are no skirts in my wardrobe
  • I'm a scary coffee machine and a sweet tooth
  • I'm a fan of Marvel movies
  • Before my hobby, she was a terrible reader since childhood. Beloved writers Stephen Kinn and Agatha Christie ... now I have fun with the child in reading to him!
  • I'm wildly afraid to fly - thousands of nerve cells die from me during the flight

Nice to meet you and welcome to my world of knitting !!!

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