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Peony Bag Video RUS

Peony Bag Video RUS

Crochet video tutorial with a full and detailed video description of the whole process of creating a..

300.00 грн.

Macrame wall hanging Video RUS

Macrame wall hanging Video RUS

A master class on creating a panel using the macrame technique, with a complete and detailed video, ..

150.00 грн.

Macrame basket wall hanging  Video RUS

Macrame basket wall hanging Video RUS

A master class on creating a basket wall hanging using the macrame technique, with a full and detail..

100.00 грн.

Bag Cloud Video RUS

Bag Cloud Video RUS

Video lesson with a full and detailed description for the entire process of crocheting a volumetric ..

200.00 грн.

Macrame Clutch with clasp Video RUS

Macrame Clutch with clasp Video RUS

A video tutorial with a complete and detailed description for the whole process of creating a branda..

250.00 грн.

Exclusive crochet purses and bags video tutorials

I Love Create is a place for all the creative ladies. Here you can buy unique crochet bags, backpacks, hats, and other accessories. Also, you can learn crochet online and create all these beautiful things with your own hands after watching our crochet videos. 

My name is Olha Bilyk. I am the creator and inspirer of the exclusive handmade crochet bags and accessories I Love Create. I do knit myself and happily share my experience with you in my crochet purses and bags tutorials. 

Learn crochet online today and create unforgettable things with your own hands

I’m sure that once you learn to crochet and try to make a backpack or a crochet shopping bag yourself, you won’t be able to stop :). From my side, I will collect all the necessary info into the crochet videos. It will guide you through the whole fascinating process of knitting, from choosing a needle, getting a crochet bag pattern, and making the final stitch. After watching crochet purses and bags tutorials, you’ll be able to create your masterpieces, either easy crochet backpack for beginners or advanced accessories after sophisticated knitting project bag pattern.

Be in trend: Let amazingly beautiful accessories become a part of your life 

Today, knitting is one of the hottest trends all over the world, attracting ladies who are willing to stand out and have amazing handmade accessories. Knit a handbag, a backpack, a string bag, a summer hat with crochet purses, and bags tutorials. 

If you want to keep up with modern fashion tendencies, find your way to a unique outlook with our crochet videos. You can learn crochet online in just a few days and create exclusive accessories after watching a crochet bag tutorial video where I tell you everything you need to know in simple words. You’ll be able to knit a hat or scarf and also get some basic crochet bag pattern for beginners that you can use right away. 

How our crochet bags tutorial will help you make unique accessories

Learn to crochet video from I Love Create School will show you how to knit unusual things, handmade bags, and accessories. You can order either crochet lessons for beginners or crochet patterns tutorial video for advanced level who already have some experience in knitting and need exclusive scarf, hats, backpacks, or crochet market bag pattern.

What you can do after you learn to crochet online  

If you have tried to knit bags or backpacks before but have somehow quit or didn't get the results you wanted, there’s always a chance for a new start! With I Love to Create School, you’ll master all the secrets and hints of crocheting and will remain satisfied. 

What’s available in the catalog:

  • fashionable crochet string bag with sequins;
  • amazing clutches and beach bags;
  • crochet waist bag Voyage and round bag Makarun;
  • elegant Boho Chic model - a sack made of knitted yarn;
  • master class how to make a trendy fur bag Fazi.

Buy original crochet accessories online

In addition to crochet patterns tutorial video, you have the opportunity to purchase the learn to crochet kit and unique handmade works, such as crochet knitted bags, backpacks, string bags,  raffia summer hats, slippers, scarves, etc. The collection is continuously updated with new original little things and video knitting lessons.

Here on the website, you can also buy bag accessories, such as clasps on magnets, and latches of various colors. 

After you master the knitting technique, you can create personal masterpieces. Your imagination, talent and exclusive things made by you will surprise your friends. All in all, something you make with your own hands and with your soul is special forever.  

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